Highlights for the Week of June 29

A Unified Cloud Pipeline for Production, Post, Mastering and Localization using IMF and Open TimeLine IO

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Digitally Transform Your Media & Entertainment Offering with the Industry Cloud

Transitioning Broadcast to Cloud


Transforming Content Production & Distribution with AI

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Exploring the Creative Frontiers of AI for M&E Production and Distribution

Designing a Subjective Assessment System for the Quality of Closed Captioning Using Artificial Intelligence

The Future of Video Production

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Zoom, Skype and Live Streaming: Gear Talk + Focus on the Software: Improving Your Production

SPROCKIT Startup Session: Production: Going Virtual / Remote Workflow Tools

A Cultural Revolution: Content Security v. Information Security

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Cybersecurity & Content Protection Summit – Opening & Keynote: Securing the Future of Media & Entertainment

Security Implication of ‘Work from Home’: The Year of Breaches

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